WHY book Tubby the Robot

If you run a festival or look after entertainment for events, no doubt you’ve seen a lot of acts.  Tubby the Robot stands out in so many ways:

  • amazing costume design
  • enchanting characterization
  • playful, friendly and highly interactive
  • very funny
  • kids and adults love it
  • respectful – Tubby focuses on people who are willing to play
  • over 15 years experience performing

You’ll appreciate the value that this premium act brings: your audience will be amazed, thrilled, surprised and delighted. And you’ll look good too. Yes, your team, your committee, your boss will love you because you booked an act that truly wowed the crowd.

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What people say about Tubby

Tubby the Robot
"Tubby the Robot was a huge hit amongst young and old! I myself couldn’t take my eyes off him, it was truly spectacular."