Who is Tubby the Robot?

Long ago, a kind and curious inventor made a machine to be “just like people”. Made from tubs and other recycled bits, he earned the nickname Tubby. His task was to live among the people and do what people do.

Like us, Tubby is full of hopes and dreams, fears and foibles. He has a family and other everyday concerns that people all over the planet can relate to. He is the archetypal Everyman, in a metal skin. And yet, no matter how hard he tries to be just like us, Tubby will always stand out from the crowd. He’s a robot after all, the quintessential Outsider. At heart, this fundamental dichotomy – the Outsider and the Everyman – creates both the drama and the comedy of Tubby’s unique performance style.

Tubby shines a light on the universal themes of belonging, community and a hopeful vision of the future. He celebrates and affirms what humans have in common and what makes us unique. People love him and laugh at him because, as Tubby says, he’s “just like you, only completely different!”


 Tubby the Robot is available to perform at a wide range of festivals, shows and events.

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Tubby the Robot
"Tubby the Robot was a huge hit amongst young and old! I myself couldn’t take my eyes off him, it was truly spectacular."

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