Our clients love Tubby.  There’s an innocence and charm about him that connects with every kind of audience.

Here’s what they have to say:


“For the first time since Floriade’s existence, Events ACT, the organisation behind the event, contracted the Happy Android Company to deliver Tubby the Robot at Floriade 2013 – Beautiful Innovation. Tubby the Robot was engaged to deliver roving performances at the event for an entire week and these were successfully delivered each and every day.

The team behind Tubby the Robot were extremely professional and flexible when it came to determining the best act for the event. The Happy Android Company came up with a new concept for Tubby’s appearance at Floriade, which went above and beyond the required proposal. The level of enthusiasm shown by the team even at this point was recognised and made for an enjoyable planning phase.

During the event Tubby the Robot was a massive hit for all ages. Tubby entertained crowds that pleasantly stumbled upon Tubby in the park and were intrigued by the performance. The performance was a wonderful photo opportunity and provided an outstanding level of interaction for those watching.

Based on our experience I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Tubby the Robot for any festival or event – it was extremely delightful and the hard work of the team behind Tubby was truly recognisable. The concept is just fabulous and to a very high standard. The performances were extremely popular and well received by visitors. One of the best roving acts we have had at any event!”

Laura Raine, Event Coordinator – Events ACT


“Tubby the Robot attended Moorabool’s Literacy Trails during National Literacy & Numeracy Week. (Street festival-like events for young children to learn about the wonders of reading, writing and counting.)

Without a doubt, Tubby was one of the most popular performers at our events – for children, teachers and parents alike. Tubby is visually appealing and his electronic-themed act is exciting and imaginative.

Tubby was especially suited to the numeracy aspect of our Literacy Trails thanks to his focus on numbers and counting (as robots do!) He also offered a great link to the future direction of education, thanks to his obvious relationship to robotics and information technology.

Tubby has a fantastic sense of humour which had all age-groups laughing loudly and learning through good old-fashioned fun. Together with his delightful assistant, Tubby offers a brilliant, stimulating act and he’d be welcome at our events any time!”

Jane Gardner, Best Start Community Facilitator – Moorabool Shire Council


“It was a great success to have Tubby the Robot make his inaugural visit to the Collingwood Children’s Farm. Tubby is such a true to life character, down to earth and engaging. His mirroring of our clientele through his pram pushing and parenting of Baby was very touching and our visitors of all ages were receptive to him. Tubby was very adaptable at responding to people of all ages, including teenagers would certainly have been more skeptical of a lesser Robot than Tubby. Tubby was versatile, accommodating and very flexible in his approach to his Farm visit. It was surreal to see him making his way around our natural setting and called attention to our reliance on machines in the history and future of farming! We’d love to see Tubby down at the Farm again some day. Thanks for all your effort and flexibility in offering our visitors a unique and unforgettable experience!”

Alex Walker, Farm Manager – Collingwood Children’s Farm


“Just wanted to email you and thank you once again for your performances over the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show. Tubby the Robot was a huge hit amongst young and old!  I myself couldn’t take my eyes off him, it was truly spectacular. I hope you to enjoyed the event as much as we did.”

Haley Shimmin, Event Coordinator – Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show


“The Happy Android Company with its star Tubby the Robot has that unique ability to capture children’s imagination and deliver something that is exciting and extremely popular. I highly recommend them for all types of events.”

Charee Lowe, Festival Director – Grampians Grape Escape 2010


“Thank you for your involvement in the Queensland Art Gallery’s ‘The Nature Machine’ Holiday Program… Your performance as ‘Tubby the Robot’ was invaluable to the success of the festival. Your intuitive ability to improvise and interact with a continuous crowd of inquiring children and their families is a credit to your artistic practice.

The Nature Machine Quiz Show was a major success … Your involvement, input and flexibility into the show, especially given your tight performance schedule, was greatly valued and appreciated.”

Andrew Clark, Assistant Director (Public Programs) – Queensland Art Gallery


 “Just a note to sincerely thank you for your contribution to the Queensland Government Pavilion at this year’s Ekka.

Your enthusiasm for your work is made clear through Tubby the Robot and it was great to see the large amount of interest your performances created around the pavilion across the five days you were there. Your assistance in encouraging crowds at shows in the theatrette was also greatly appreciated. It was a pleasure working with you.”

Katherine Browne, Project Officer – QLD Govt, Dept of Premier and Cabinet


“Tubby the Robot came along to our client movie days in both Melbourne and Sydney. Ericsson’s client movie days are an important part of our annual events calendar as they allow us to interact and entertain our clients and their families in a fun and relaxed environment.

Tubby the Robot proved to be a big hit with not only the children but the parents as well. We received many positive comments from our clients on Tubby the Robot, in particular the way he cleverly interacted with the crowd. Thanks for adding such a fun element to our event!”

Lara Watts, Event Manager – Octagon Australia


“Thank you…Once again Tubby was a hit and I have no doubt that businesses will be jumping over each other to sponsor him next year. Thanks again for being involved.“

Non Blair, Director – Emerald FunFest


“Belinda and I wanted to say thank you very much on behalf of the NMA for your 3 wonderful performances on Monday. Tubby is an absolute delight and we were astounded at how popular he was.  The Canberra times featured you yesterday (attached a copy).

As I mentioned, we would be very interested in working with you again as opportunity arises.

Thanks once again for really making our Future Gen festival very special indeed, we really appreciate you coming such a long distance too.”

Kellie Robson, Senior Coordinator Family Programs, Public Programs and MarketingNational Museum of Australia


“Tubby was a HUGE success again.  Many thanks for the great performances.”

Liz Webb, Director – Ashburton Festival – 2013


“Thank you so much for being part of the event. Our students thoroughly enjoyed your incredible energy, as did the patrons today!”

Rebecca Starkins – Australian Grand Prix Association, 2013


“My family and friends saw you today at Docklands; you were excellent!! It was refreshing to see such a different act. Your costume was excellent and your interaction was great.

You set a very high standard.  We would love to see you as a regular here.”

Bruce, resident – Docklands, Melbourne



“The children’s events I organise are very popular and they have developed incredible audience loyalty in the seven years they have been taking place.  During this time I have worked with a considerable number of artists especially those catering for younger children.

I emphasise to the artists I work with that they require considerable flexibility working on my Children’s Day events as well as a lot of energy and dedication to really engage with the children and their families.  Tubby the Robot joined these events in 2011 and it has been an absolute pleasure having Tubby on board.

Throughout all stages of the program from pre to post event, the communication from Tubby and his team has been professional, reliable, open and clear – which is always reassuring and appreciated.  Tubby took on board my event requirements and had the flexibility and professionalism to deliver them beautifully, contributing to the wonderful success of the event.  Not only was Tubby addressing my event requirements but he was also very aware of the needs and requirements of the other artists in the event, which was great to see and very much appreciated as an event organiser.

I am thrilled that Tubby the Robot was able to join my Children’s Day events as he contributed such a wonderful sense of fun and curiosity to my event, engaging not only the young ones but the teens, parents and grandparents as well.  I hope to develop my working relationship with Tubby and his team in the future to create innovative and engaging ideas for the communities to be part of and the enthusiasm and passion that Tubby and his team have for this is really exciting and refreshing.

Tubby the Robot is an eye catching; engaging character who contributes greatly to the events and activities he is part of and I recommend him highly as a valuable member of an event.  I would like to thank you for your time and if you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact me on the details listed above.”

Lucette Talbot, Arts Projects Officer – Frankston City Council