Extraordinary Entertainment

…quirky, charming and programmed to delight!

We’ve performed at over 752 events (and counting) and we get the same response wherever we go.  People just love Tubby.

With 15 years experience and hundreds of happy clients, we know that Tubby the Robot is a stand-out in so many ways:

• amazing costume design

• enchanting characterization

• playful, friendly and highly interactive

• loved by kids, teens and adults alike

• inclusive and accessible to audiences of all ages and cultures

Tubby regularly performs at major festivals, community events, agricultural shows, museums, galleries, shopping centres, corporate and industry events. Click on the links below to discover more.

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What people say about Tubby

Tubby the Robot
"Tubby the Robot was a huge hit amongst young and old! I myself couldn’t take my eyes off him, it was truly spectacular."

Enchanting, inclusive & interactive, Tubby the Robot is an outstanding act for community festivals and events. Discover more…

Fantastic, seasonal entertainment for Christmas festivals, parties and events. Discover more…

In his playful way, Tubby the Robot invites us to think about robotics and the future of farming. Discover more…

Tubby has been entertaining shoppers in centres across Australia and overseas for more than a decade. Discover more…

An eye catching spectacle for expos, launches, corporate parties and events. Discover more…

Tubby the Robot inspires wonder, play and connection. His interactive performances are designed to enhance the visitor experience and meet programming objectives. Discover more…